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27 March 2010

newest backyard addition...

Mr.Turlebox had long ago grown too small for more than 1 kiddo to comfortably play. So with warmer days upon us,
 Spice decided to take matters into his own hands.

I must say, it made my heart go pitter pat to see them working side by side.

Heres to many more long, much more comfortable hours in the sand...

26 March 2010

grow green, grow!

About a week since we planted, and LOOK!
Forgot how quick the whole process goes...

not really sure how this little tomato(?) seed got in with the big boys (kale) but.. he sure is awesome for daring to grow there...what you got sproutin?

25 March 2010

bowl me! and a bit of denver's local music scene.


serge alternated helping spice and i roll our balls veeeerrrrryyyy ssslllooooowwlllyy,,, down the lane:)

takes a break to do some score keepin'

(mama wins by 2 points! heck yeah.)

Family bowling day!
We be doin' it in style of course. 
Are those tiny bowling shoes with strawberries on them, you say?
Well, not exactly. But these little flea market wonders do have a gum sole, which makes them skid-mark free (wish i could say the same for my anti-potty trainer over here) SORRY! I had to. Please forgive me...

Well, since my mind is already in the gutter,, I may as well let you know what i named this post after. A song by a fantastic one woman band from our very own Denver, CO.  Onemanna is her name and playing dirty is her game.   Please be forewarned, her music is not for the prudish, so if you are not in the mood for some risque business, please keep scrolling.  And, you must know that the version of the song that always runs through my head is actually a collaboration by  some old friends' band, The Legendary river Drifters.  You must check these guys out, the lead singer, Suzanne has the most incredible voice.  And she is a sweetheart to boot.  So, yeah.  Go check out "bowl me" (and other songs)on their myspace pages. 
you may just find your new favorite band...

23 March 2010

$20 estate sale madness!

It's been a year and some months since i swore off buying new 
(for ethical reasons,ie:sweatshop,environmental impact,etc...) And i must admit, i've been jonesing a bit for the new clothes high you get after spending $30 at forever 21 and come out with an armful of hip and trendy threads. The thrift stores can be great, but it's hit or miss for sure these days.

Anyways,i've had a reoccuring dream since high school days, of finding a sale of sorts (yard, thrift you name it) And i am digging through boxes/bins, and item after item is perfect. 
Vintage goodness. Styley,my size,decent shape. And i am aware in the dream that all of this fabulousness is priced for me! 25 cents, a dollar, i know i am free to peruse to my lil hearts content.  I am elated. Can't wait to get home and mix, match and play... (please tell me you've had the same dream, or an equally shallow comparison)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Then something happens. The sun comes up, Malley attacks my feet, whatever, and my fantasy comes to an abrupt halt.  The last time this  happened was a few weeks ago, and i must say i was quite sad for a few minutes trying to recall the treasures designed by Apple Wrangler psyche couture.
The closest i've come to this since the sacred "second hand rose" bag sale days ...*sigh*..has been flea market scoring, and maybe a yard sale here or there, until NOW...

various pairs of bellbottoms just my size.

embroidered birdie, flowers and strawberries::officially my new favorite t-shirt..ever.

and yes, i am 100% aware of who looks better in the jump suit.

i am seriously feelin' these high waisted wool pedal pushers.

there were a couple spring skirts like these
( tulle layer underneath)

i love the awkwardly sexy factor of these pants. i mean seriously check my rump. 
Sausage in casing, right? But in a good way.
So, there you have it. I spent $20 and got a new wardrobe.( Theres more but these are my faves.
Eat your heart out F21.

20 March 2010

pastel wool!

 getting a little dye practice in before easter..

I 've had 3 0z's of extra white wool roving hanging around that i got at fancy tiger last time i was there. so i picked up a 99 cent package of easter egg dye tablets last week, and  i thought we'd give it a shot.
I'm thinking we'll try wet felting some purdy eastery marbles/eggs with it.
I specially love how the multi colored pieces turned out... HAPPY SPRING!

19 March 2010

snail mail

what a treat! today our friendly post person dropped off 2 nice little unexpected envelopes, all the way from VT. 1 from my mama, and one from spicy's mama and doug, soil testing info from the farm. 
Amoungst other handy dandiness, my mama sent me an Owl City cd which if you haven't heard is catchy and adorable, and perfect for spring cleaning.
the kids go crazy for this song...
(she also sent me the "teach your baby to read" program, not really for any other purpose than to see what the heck it's all about..i def don't think serge needs to worry about learning to read anytime soon of course... Though it sure would be cute!

3 little gardeners

This year i thought it would be fun if each kiddo had their own seed tray (aka:egg carton) to decorate, fill with dirt, choose seeds they wanted to plant, keep up with watering,etc...
They chose brocolli, carrots, sunflowers, and coneflower (echinacea)
sweet choices,huh? :)

 I've been doing some seed starting of my own as well. 
Apparently I'm growing 6 different kinds of tomatoes this year, don't really know how that happened... Should keep keep canning pretty interesting.

I started my kale, tomatoes, peppers, brocolli/ veronica, beans, and spinach.

Funny, it was 70 degrees 2 days ago, and we now have 3 inches and counting of white stuff on the ground.  Perfect excuse for me to take a break from the garden and yard work. Darn. i'm forced to relax and watch the the falling snow through glass with a hot cuppa tea in hand and my little fingers tap tap tap'n...

Playing catch-up after a couple days of feeling a bit "off" (which had nothing to do with irish whiskey on st.patricks day...) I set up the computer in front of our picture window recently and i must say it's a nice change, for my nap time internet fix, to be able to have the natural light on my face and a fresh breeze on nice days.  Also, it helps me get my nosy neighbor fix, hehe...