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26 February 2010

woohoo! TGI-Flashback!

3 month ultrasound. no idea who this person was really, but i carried this photo everywhere with me in my pregnancy journal. this being tumbling around in my belly was all i thought about,
and i couldnt wait to find out more about him/her..

i believe i was 5 mos along when i found the pimp buggy on craigslist...
absolutely HAD to have it.
For some reason or another, i had to wait until I was 7 months along to find out the sex of this little person.. and let me tell you,  waiting was rough.
Finally the big day came..
Though John couldn't be there, and the Ultrasonographer was a bit cold...
NOTHING could ruin this moment for me<3<3

 his cute lil' business... see it?:)
 And this, my friends, is the photo that caused me much stress during these last10 weeks! 2 noses!
I swore he had 2 noses! see it?!?
Man, was i glad when he came out with just the perfect amount of each features, limbs, etc...

My water broke at 6 am... to wake us up...eeewww.

yada yada yada...
Serge finally arrived at11pm.

9 lbs 1 oz, serious baby! born with rolls and all...
Too big for much of his newborn clothes:)
My perfect, pink n blotchy, HEALTHY, sweet, pudgeball<3

love love love!

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