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23 February 2010

rag rug complete! (only took a year.. ;)

 9 of sergei's old baby blankets, cut into strips,
crafted into a 90 ft braid,then coiled and sewn together.
Sounds easy, right? HA!

This was my own technique..didn't do much research, just dove right in.
In retrospect i would have done this COMPLETELY differently, in fact i think i would have just made a giant crochet hook and crocheted it instead. Of course, at thhat time i didnt know how to crochet, so that idea would have never crossed my mind.

Here is a post from my prior tumblr blog about it from last april...hehe:)
Oh well, it's done and it's imperfectly sweet.
The nicest part of this rug is that much of it is made of minky material (5 of the 9 blankets used)
so its super soft on your tootsies.
Why did i have so many baby blankets, you may ask.. 

Well, I've mentioned my insane thrifting obsession while i was preggo and nesting and out of work with a hernia.
Well, minky and vintage baby blankets were some of the many things i couldnt pass up.

Anyways, yippee for finishing projects started long ago!!!


  1. Pretty cool stuff, you can find more Indian Rugs from spacify

  2. So cute! It made me really happy to read how you dove into making the rug w/o doing any research, because I approach almost all of my projects that way =P

    Also, I thought I was following your blog, but apparently,it never went through! I remedied that and am now officially following :)

  3. otherwise i never start, so... what y'gonna do. yeah, i am so far from a perfectionist... but at least i finished it, right? and it works,i mean, you can walk and play on it, what more can u ask:)
    gracias chica:)