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22 February 2010

pink sky rondezvous

Tonight i had the pleasure of spending a rare bit of time alone.  imaging that.
i took the opportunity to treat my new camera to a walk in the soft falling snow, in the city of pink.

Denver was truly glowing tonight and i kept thinking how fluffy and delicious it all was.  I couldn't shake it..

I imagined i was trudging through cotton candy...

...i imagined that  powdered sugar was being sprinkled over the marshmallow fluff draped trees. 

and coconut..i swear there was a hint of coconut in the air...


  1. these pictures are so crisp and clean i love it i can't wait to get my hands on that camera again.

  2. Nice pictures. Looks cold, but still nice :)
    Just stopping by from CM.

  3. You were right by my house. I wish I could've joined you for a magical evening wander.