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07 February 2010

meal planning...

My honed technique consists of 4 main ingredients:.

1.) the weekly cookbook(s) of choice
2.) the plan book (to write meal choices and where to find 'em)

 3.) the stickies to make life a hay of a lot easier

4.) the grocery list

       And that's that.  How do y'all do it?


  1. so i just got myself a fancy coupon organizer. i make a list for food shopping and a list for the house stuff like paper towels, trash bags,etc and the put a "c" beside the items i have a coupons for.

  2. Oooh, sounds nice. I ALWAYS forget to use my GD coupons, and it makes me totally nuts. Thanks for finally leaving me a comment instead of just slinking around silently:) You slinky.