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15 February 2010

flashback for the heck of it... PREGGO!

3 mos
6 mos, hadn't had an ultrsound yet, names chosen though:
Olive for a girl, Sergei for a boy.
8 mos
Still feelin great, with the excepton of the occasional excruciating mid night leg cramp, and a devestating case varicose veins... (that have luckily disappeared for the most part)
Starting to get a bit uncomfortable...

Yikes! Big girl in a little suit.
At this point my heartburn was so bad i had to sleep sitting up most nights...

Family traveled from far and wide (VT, KS and NC to be exact) and waited around for days for serge to be born. Unfortunately he was late and they all had to leave before he decided to make his appearance...

 What a strange pregnant woman i was...

Ready to pop at 40 weeks.
Spicy,O'Malley and MamaMia awaiting the arrival of our little prince...
Oh, our crampy little basement glad to be out of that place!

Stay tuned for next weeks flashback when serge finally decides he'll loosen his tight grip on my innards,almost A WEEK late!

1 comment:

  1. these photos are so great - looks you had such a fun time being preggo (well, except for the heartburn)! The one with the red cowboy hat is my fave. It's priceless!