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06 February 2010

fabric mail!

I was lucky to be able to participate in an auction put on a couple of weeks ago by a Northeastern Mama who's fun, homestead-y, eyecandiful blog, goes by the name, Wood Sprite Hollow . All benefits went to various Haitis relief organizations.

We recieved our fabric stuffed envelope friday, and were overjoyed!  Serge was excited as me, as we scavenged through the buttons and ribbon, and unfolded the fabric... What a fabulous deal! AND for a good cause! Thanks again kelly!
Immediately upon seeing these prints it was decided, a pillow for serge's new big boy bed.

So we got to work . I sewed, sergee stuffed, and tah dah! 

Not to mention this was the perfect fabric inspiration needed to create new birds for serge's mobile...

ANd oh! we are JUST getting started!

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