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26 February 2010

woohoo! TGI-Flashback!

3 month ultrasound. no idea who this person was really, but i carried this photo everywhere with me in my pregnancy journal. this being tumbling around in my belly was all i thought about,
and i couldnt wait to find out more about him/her..

i believe i was 5 mos along when i found the pimp buggy on craigslist...
absolutely HAD to have it.
For some reason or another, i had to wait until I was 7 months along to find out the sex of this little person.. and let me tell you,  waiting was rough.
Finally the big day came..
Though John couldn't be there, and the Ultrasonographer was a bit cold...
NOTHING could ruin this moment for me<3<3

 his cute lil' business... see it?:)
 And this, my friends, is the photo that caused me much stress during these last10 weeks! 2 noses!
I swore he had 2 noses! see it?!?
Man, was i glad when he came out with just the perfect amount of each features, limbs, etc...

My water broke at 6 am... to wake us up...eeewww.

yada yada yada...
Serge finally arrived at11pm.

9 lbs 1 oz, serious baby! born with rolls and all...
Too big for much of his newborn clothes:)
My perfect, pink n blotchy, HEALTHY, sweet, pudgeball<3

love love love!

24 February 2010

serge's room

Yay, sharing time!
  Though his room is not quite done as far as what i've pictured, but i think it's quite darling for now, and am proud of myself to have finished all projects on my "to craft for sergee's  room" list. I am a big fan of toys that dont make alot of noise and encoursage kids to use their brains, as you can probably tell. 

I cant say that behind that dove sheet closet door there are not many other toysies hiding, i just like to cycle things as to not bore the kiddos..
I would say the room is 70% thrift
20% mama crafted and 10% gifted/purchased new .
Not bad i'd say!
(stuffed animal tree: $2.00)

Martha stewart alphabet cards $9.99 at hobby lobby
baskets in which train set, puppets and legos hide: alley score!
red velvet blocks goodwill $6pair (splurge, i know)

Wall pockets I made with idea from Amanda Soule's newest book...

Name banner and fiber garland ideas, also attributed to Amanda Soule's aformentioned ingenious craft book.

Music, and dress-up...
though theres a heck of alot more where that comes from...(a giant tub in the hall)

Science corner..

Whiteboard/felt board hanging on wall:$2.99 thrift.
Baby blanket rag rug that i just got around to finishing after more than a year of having it tangled in a closet off and on...

Birdie mobile...  in progress...
oh wellsies.

Bed:$60 (w/delivery)craigslist 
Vintage doll cradle, believe it or not, serge used to nap in this ocassionally...
Oh, my heart...

His quiet/fidget toys lined up on his windowsill for quiet time before bed.
Lacing beads,  viewmaster, shape ball...

The quilt that is spread out was JP's when he was a wee one, his mama (gramma Bobbie) made it for him.  Serge snuggles it like crazy. 
Over his bed:Baby buddha pic  that hung over his crib in our 'ol basement nursery, still hanging over his bed today. Along with a string of bay leaves for sweet dreams, and a catcher given to me years ago by a wonderful woman, Janice, a mentor of mine back in the dizzay.

To the right above the bed is a banner i made for his first b-day party. Baby animals flags cut from an old childrens book.

Yes, the dresser is my next project.

Star wars banana board on the left i splurged on $4.99 at goodwill. This is alot for me folks, but, it's an original.

Serge picked this bunny shelf out at the thrifty...$2.49 it put us back.  Usually where he hangs his cape before bed:) Cuteness.

Pictures of Daddy as a little boy, and framed photos of Sergei's friends. 
I am also in the process of filling a photo album for him of family and friends.

His Konica camera, so he can be like mama, 2 needle felted dog bones i made at his request while he was playing puppy one day...and his rolodex. 
hey, this kids got friends.

Most of these creepy dolls i had already before serge came around, i kind of have a thing for creepy vintage dolls.  Always have, always will.

23 February 2010

rag rug complete! (only took a year.. ;)

 9 of sergei's old baby blankets, cut into strips,
crafted into a 90 ft braid,then coiled and sewn together.
Sounds easy, right? HA!

This was my own technique..didn't do much research, just dove right in.
In retrospect i would have done this COMPLETELY differently, in fact i think i would have just made a giant crochet hook and crocheted it instead. Of course, at thhat time i didnt know how to crochet, so that idea would have never crossed my mind.

Here is a post from my prior tumblr blog about it from last april...hehe:)
Oh well, it's done and it's imperfectly sweet.
The nicest part of this rug is that much of it is made of minky material (5 of the 9 blankets used)
so its super soft on your tootsies.
Why did i have so many baby blankets, you may ask.. 

Well, I've mentioned my insane thrifting obsession while i was preggo and nesting and out of work with a hernia.
Well, minky and vintage baby blankets were some of the many things i couldnt pass up.

Anyways, yippee for finishing projects started long ago!!!

22 February 2010

pink sky rondezvous

Tonight i had the pleasure of spending a rare bit of time alone.  imaging that.
i took the opportunity to treat my new camera to a walk in the soft falling snow, in the city of pink.

Denver was truly glowing tonight and i kept thinking how fluffy and delicious it all was.  I couldn't shake it..

I imagined i was trudging through cotton candy...

...i imagined that  powdered sugar was being sprinkled over the marshmallow fluff draped trees. 

and coconut..i swear there was a hint of coconut in the air...

20 February 2010

photo texture play.

holy addictive!
forgot how much fun could be.

i really like this one made from an old overexposed photograph..with his jacket, i think this looks like it could be straight out the 70's

i could manipulate all night long baby... so many beautiful textures on to choose from...
  I used to take photos to create my own, hmm, i may again...

i snagged this texture from a dumpster behind our old house. creepy huh?

and here's another oldie but goodie.

and this one was from a  grafitti piece i photographed a while back...

and this one, well if this doesn't capture my dorkines to a tee, nothing does.