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18 January 2010

tiny little aprons, all in a row..

I've been moving our space around a bit, creating more of a functional work/play space for the kids.
As they've really been asserting their independence more and more lately, i thought they'd really enjoy a living  area all their own.  They are responsible for keeping it clean of course, thwir own little broom and dustpan handy, and they each have their own little print, to tell whose stuff is whose.
Sewing up  little coordinating aprons was quite fun i must say...

And of course to each a little cubby to keep their important things in.  Notebook and pen, coloring books art work and their little yoga mats all rolled up fit quite well.


  1. Adorable! And I see the chair set! I think when I put it together I'll just use a little Gorilla glue before screwing things together. :D

    The room is adorable and I love the fabrics you've chosen! :) I always get ideas when looking at your posts!

  2. thnks beth! they are all thrifted pillowcase and sheet material this time around:)