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13 January 2010


Apparently this post disappeared, and I am not in the mood to rewrite it so...Ill sum it up.
 A few guidelines I am commiting to this year include:
  • Purchasing only GREAT meat ( humanely treated, grass-fed/free range, and preferably  local.)
  • Refraining from buying prepackaged foods with more than  3 or 4 ingredients...and we all know those are few and far between.
  • And finally, a bomb-ass garden with veggies to last me the year through. Last years garden was fantastic for my first try, and I learned so much! I can't wait to get twice as much from my plot this year.
This will mean canning, freezing, and not letting anything go to waste. Not space in my garden, not time, and definitely not food.

Oooh yes,i will also be making buttermilk again, yogurt for the first time, and my own condiments (chutneys and such) 

 A lot of big change happening this year for me, but.. I am not going to overwhelm myself by calling them resolutions.  

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