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13 January 2010

resolution 2009: I had proposed not to buy  new unless i  knew i was supporting a fair cause.  I no longer wanted to assist monster corporations, or potentially put my $ behind sweatshop labor of any type. I knew i was well  able to get what i needed from thrift stores and craigslist. At times it took self control, especially in the beginning. But luckily this wasnt a huge leap for me, as ive always been a frugal mcdrugal and have never cared for brand names slathered across my t-shirts, in fact they make me nauseous.

 I opted to refrain from the quarterly stop @ forever 21 for that too stylish wardrobe piece (the one that disintegrates in my washing machine anyways due to terrible construction...) and the target clothing section, even when i did have the extra $ to spend.
And so, i've done well, though a couple slip ups at the end of the year. All totaling less than $60, I wont beat myself up over it now, as my original beliefs were validated...the new $19 holiday dress was worn once and lost its excitement.  It did not bring  joy to my heart any more longlasting than a dinner of chinese takeout. And honestly, as i kind of knew from the beginning, it is not a resolution of 2009 any more. Im sticking with it. Ha .

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