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31 January 2010

hallehlujah, serge done gots a bed...

My little angelpie is back to sleeping in his room.  Phew.  Those toddler beds i gotta say arent good for much, at least for a tosser and turner like this guy.  We got rid of his firetruck toddler bed months after we got it, and he's pretty much been sleeping with us ever since.  

As much as I adore his snuggles and cuddles and the way he sandwiches his legs between mine, i gotta say, co-sleeping the last few months has been a bit rough at times.  The constant nursing, kicking, and all night Serge exclaiming ( in his sleep, mind you) " its too tight"  move!" followed by a swift kick or two legged push, or if he was feeling extra frisky you may get your face clawed.  Not a great way to be woken up.

Well, tonight he was so excited to set up his nest with all of his special friends, blankies and pillows.
He fell asleep with no problems and hasn't stirred once.
sweet dreams buggy bear.

 p.s. His room is almost  the magical place i imagined it, so many months ago...  will share photos very soon, like maybe tomorrow if i get time to snap some:)

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