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26 January 2010

freeform crochet ... calling to me softly (and fuzzily)

This fanciful tutorial's got my gears turning and my fingers twitching...

Marlo's crochet corner has some very neat stuff to give an idea of what it can look like...

(from: marlo's crochet corner)

Love Love Love these hats and things that can be found on etsy...
Like this one from Magpyi Creations, and all of her other stuff is just as amazing.

 Wool and Tea is a eyecandiful sweet blog, showcasing fiber artists from all walks of wooly life.

i mean seriously. (this piece by Janice Rosema)

a campaign for freeform crochet:

*create something totally unique
*use up all those mini leftover wads of yarn to small to do anything else with 
*try those new stitches, bobbles, play with granny squares etcetra without commiting to a repetitive project.

And NO PATTERN! i just love the idea.

Not to mention, i truly find it beautiful.
Look forward to making serge a funktified freeform blankie.

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