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14 January 2010

farm love

 Though I've lived thousands of miles away for most of my adult life, every visit still feels like home.  My silly wonderful family and John's family as well, are all from this sweet lil' state tucked so nicely in the northeast corner of our country.  A bonus adventure we are able to take Sergei on upon our trips home is to explore life on the farm.  Riding the tractor, collecting eggs, it is quite an honor, and boy does he know it.
And let me tell you... little Sergee-pie  is not the only one blown away by these trips to the family farm of course.
 I always leave with a renewed outlook on nutrition and the value of hard work, a book's worth of facts and information to chew on, and a bottle of cod liver oil.

Quite honestly,  leaving was extra hard this time,  and until we have the space to create a little sustainable plot of our own... I feel a need to recreate a little farm scene of our own for Serge to relive his adventures by way of his imagination..
Which leads me to my latest crafty endeavor...

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