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31 January 2010

i indulged today and made a little art.  
its been a while and it felt good. for one of my many friends with tummies full of baby.

hallehlujah, serge done gots a bed...

My little angelpie is back to sleeping in his room.  Phew.  Those toddler beds i gotta say arent good for much, at least for a tosser and turner like this guy.  We got rid of his firetruck toddler bed months after we got it, and he's pretty much been sleeping with us ever since.  

As much as I adore his snuggles and cuddles and the way he sandwiches his legs between mine, i gotta say, co-sleeping the last few months has been a bit rough at times.  The constant nursing, kicking, and all night Serge exclaiming ( in his sleep, mind you) " its too tight"  move!" followed by a swift kick or two legged push, or if he was feeling extra frisky you may get your face clawed.  Not a great way to be woken up.

Well, tonight he was so excited to set up his nest with all of his special friends, blankies and pillows.
He fell asleep with no problems and hasn't stirred once.
sweet dreams buggy bear.

 p.s. His room is almost  the magical place i imagined it, so many months ago...  will share photos very soon, like maybe tomorrow if i get time to snap some:)

26 January 2010

freeform crochet ... calling to me softly (and fuzzily)

This fanciful tutorial's got my gears turning and my fingers twitching...

Marlo's crochet corner has some very neat stuff to give an idea of what it can look like...

(from: marlo's crochet corner)

Love Love Love these hats and things that can be found on etsy...
Like this one from Magpyi Creations, and all of her other stuff is just as amazing.

 Wool and Tea is a eyecandiful sweet blog, showcasing fiber artists from all walks of wooly life.

i mean seriously. (this piece by Janice Rosema)

a campaign for freeform crochet:

*create something totally unique
*use up all those mini leftover wads of yarn to small to do anything else with 
*try those new stitches, bobbles, play with granny squares etcetra without commiting to a repetitive project.

And NO PATTERN! i just love the idea.

Not to mention, i truly find it beautiful.
Look forward to making serge a funktified freeform blankie.

25 January 2010

scratch ravioli

Welcome to my kitchen.

What a fabulous night for you to drop by!
For tonight I am cooking, for my very first time, some delicioso spinach, beef, and ricotta ravioli.

Before we begin, i must let you know that i have decided to make it a tradition to share with you my apron of choice for each dinner/food blog i write. Tonights choice was a polka dotted #, with white pom pom trim, and heart pockets, one of my favorites i must say, thrifted many years ago, we've been through a bit together. (Please pay no attention to my sexy chicken legs and/or hairstyle.)

I found my recipe of the evening in this lovely food guide which i recently picked up in the "new books" section of our local library. "jam it, pickle it, cure it" is written by Karn Solomon, and definitely has some worthwhile recipes in it, if you have a few hrs to kill and are ready to embark on a food adventure.  I mean, she gives instructions on how to make your own marshmallows for gosh sake.

4 large eggs, 1 tsp salt, and the recipe called for 3.5 c all purpose flour. I used 1/2 unbleached 1/2 whole wheat and it turned out great.

1 onion,4 garlic,1 lb spinach,2 c ricotta,1 lb cooked hamburger 
+ 2 tsp oregano, 1 tsp sage for seasoning

This is where i really kinda just whung(sp?) it. 
Learned my lesson as i went along, and ran out of dough long before i ran out of filling.(Have a tupperware ready for next makin' in my freezer.)

1 egg beaten to brush on rolled dough to act as a sealant.

ok. this is just obscene.


Sqisheezin' the whole peeled tomatos just like the recipe tells me to.
This is the moment i wished i had chosen my full length school marm apron. SPLAT!

 (5-7 ish min in the pot)

And voila...
First batch. 
Ugly ducklings but they sure got good ratings on the johnandsergeometer.

Second and improved, more filling less pasta.


Thanks for stopping in. come again soon:)

22 January 2010

old McApple had a farm, e-i-e-i-o...

 These days, a weekly theme is a must at Lil' Miss Apple's house.
 Our holiday trip to VT inspired "farm week" and led me to begin construction of a new  playmat for the kiddies.  Better photos and details will be added soon, but until then i just wanted to share. My favorite part so far would have to be the garden with "pickable" needlefelted veggies.  Although the sheep turned out pretty tootin sweet as well...

18 January 2010

tiny little aprons, all in a row..

I've been moving our space around a bit, creating more of a functional work/play space for the kids.
As they've really been asserting their independence more and more lately, i thought they'd really enjoy a living  area all their own.  They are responsible for keeping it clean of course, thwir own little broom and dustpan handy, and they each have their own little print, to tell whose stuff is whose.
Sewing up  little coordinating aprons was quite fun i must say...

And of course to each a little cubby to keep their important things in.  Notebook and pen, coloring books art work and their little yoga mats all rolled up fit quite well.

17 January 2010

his first haircut.

Seen here with curly locks still intact.  Sergee Verne was ok with the idea...

As long as he could take a bit off mine as well.

The magic is happening...


Just when we thought he had reached the threshold of cuteness...
Serge raises the bar again.