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09 December 2009

Sergei's needle felted friend gets hip.

Been working a bit more on Serge's holiday gift, took some pics along the way and thought i'd share.
 Friend is gender neutral for now...figured serge will tell us if it's a boy or a girl.

Fancy new head of hair made from pretty goldish wool, shaped and needled into place.
Has white patch to match Sergee's own, and...
A RAT TAIL! mmm hmmm, you saw it right. Is that the baddest, or what?

Gonna have a hood with teddy ears....

Pants in progress... (sleeves of jacket, just put one inside the other and sewed up crotch...super quick and easy..hemmed top and put a drawstring through..ta da)

New wardrobe additions include: white tank top, striped cap, super cape anchor necklace and tiger print wrist cuff... I made Sergei a hat and cuff to match as well, and if you know serge, you know  that he already has a collection of capes to match. Pretty sure thats gonna be his fave part of the mini wardrobe.

Then i decided to turn this awkwardly fitting thermal of mine into matching shirts for Serge and friend.
So i used the trusty technique of creating a pattern by tracing a well fitting shirt (adding seam allowance of course..)

There  we go...

1 comment:

  1. THAT is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!! I LOVE the hat!!! I would love to learn to make one of these. Is it difficult? I don't know anything about needle felting.

    (By the way, the little bum is adorable!)