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16 November 2009

Too wet to go out , too cold to play ball...

Do we sit in the house and do nothing at all? (but drive mama lyssa up the wall?) heck no!
Time to bust out the cornstarch/cornmeal (50/50 makes a perfect texture for indoor sand),  favorite  trucks, animals, cooking utensils, whatev... and a cookie sheet for each bored tot (to keep it somewhat contained)

and voila! At least an hr, killed.

Or..if they have hit the age where imagination has begun to take could be much, much longer...

Oh boy...another popular favorite activity around here involves putting on a favorite kids music album, kinda loud...  (pick of the month would be Sherri Lewis  sing-a-long)
Making a large circle of stepping stones (throw pillows) a top the sea of lava (living room floor)... walk around and around pillow to pillow, to the music..but dont fall in! 

 Variations include taking all pillows off couch and just jumping crazy to the music... or...both games simultaneously (couch pillows included in lava game of course)

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