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21 November 2009

Isn't she beautiful? I named her Grace. 
A spontaneous gift from my brother visiting from Kansas, who brought it on the plane with him for his weekend birthday visit.  My sister was in town here visiting from VT at the same time, and we have always enjoyed singing together.  

(photos courtesy of ketura rich)

Our family was kind of like a poorer, slightly more dysfunctional, less famous (we actually werent famous at all) version of the  Partridge family, but with more kids, if you can picture that...hmm.Ok actually bad comparison. Von Trapps? Jacksons? Anyways... 
  My mother is a very talented musician, and instilled a great love of music in all 8 of us. She also managed to foster some pretty decent singing voices and the even the ability to harmonize in those of us who care to try. 

Anyway, to finish my guitar story...i was asking my brother some questions about what i should look for in a cheap acoustic, as i've been wanting to learn to play for the kids for a while now, and just didnt have the confidence to know what to look for, and.... he offered i just keep this one...sweetest thing ever right?  I sure love my lil bro. And the rest of this crazy bunch for that matter.

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