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18 November 2009

needlefelt doll, in the works...

Started sergee's holiday baby...shhh...dont tell.

We are very grateful and excited to be going to Vermont this holiday season as we always do, to spend time with our families whom we miss so much throughout the year. And, as always, suitcases will be tight, and expensive, so I want to give Sergei a very special present of course, but it must be small and light enough to carry there and back...(along with the boy, the carseat, stroller, diaper bag, 2 weeks of luggage and presents...) 

Anywho, i ordered this book,

Sweet Needle Felts:25 Projects to Wear Give and Hug By:Jenn Docherty, from the library. 

 I opened it up, and among all of the absolutely adorable creations, several of which made their way straight to my mental to-craft-for-christmas-gift list...there was a doll, "Miss Penelope Poppet" to be exact, she is larger than i usually see the wool roving needled dolls,and oh so darling! Upon seeing her, i knew what sergeis special christmas present would be. Of course far from following her directions, as i just dont ever seem to do so even near exactly, with any project (possibly why everything i make turns out a bit crooked, and a little strange) but hey, gotta put my twist on it. So, i have big plans for this doll and i hope he turns out how i picture he may, cuz in my mind, he's pretty darn sweet. PS..can you tell which parts have been my favorite to sculpt? hee hee.. (he has a fully formed bootie under those undies  you know:)

             (My Inspiration:"miss penelope poppet")

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