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22 November 2009

Got some yummy new colors of dyed wool roving, and thrifted a few sweaters (felted in washer) to try my hand at some hats, mittens, slippers... really needing to get making on xmas presents here... Inspired by this book:
I cant really post much about gifts i am making, but i can post a few pics of things i've started for etsy... haha, hopefully i dont end up slacking and needing to give these, and the suprise is ruined..oh well, ill risk it..

This was actually my more stylish adaptation of a classic favorite, the  fanny pack.
I was putting it together for myself, so i could keep track of my new phone which i got 2 weeks ago. Well, guess what, not yet finshed with my snazzy hip purse, and i have already lost my phone.

Life is funny sometimes...not haha funny, i mean painfully WTF, are you serious?! funny .
Oh well, i acually do laugh about these things, because, i never cease to amaze myself... and, if i do not laugh, i will cry, hysterically.
ok, where was i? oh, so, this pouch is the perfect size to fit a blackberry( boo hoo hoo) and a wallet, and i think i will be adding a fabric pocket for a pen or change or something... It is made of 2 wool crocheted swatches, from just practicing, and i needle felted a flower on with some roving and yarn.

Felted sweater, needle felted roving and yarn...

I am going to be adding a bit more folksy  style needle felting to these...
i think they are major cute!

i added some details to my pretty little mama here, added a scarf to keep her head on:)

working on getting this lil fellas face right...


  1. love the needle felted designs on the mittens and corduroy! I thought you could only do that on wool, but you can do it on other fabrics?

  2. Hellooo! Thanks for dropping by my blog,I'm glad you enjoyed my pics! Your blog is fab, I just love it. You have put so much of yourself and your family in there, it makes for a lovely visit and you sure do have a sweet bunch to share your life with! Your needle felting looks great so far, good on you attempting a big doll, love to see how it turns out! Pop back anytime, Im following you now so I can pop back to you too! :o) Happy felting! Liza

  3. thanks so much for stopping by!:) im really enjoying it...i've seen the wool applique done in my book/internet browsing more than once for sure..For instance in the book Sweet Needle Felts:25 Projects to Wear Give and Hug By:Jenn Docherty that i am working from a bit right now, they do it right onto toddlers cotton onesies, so i figured corduroy should work, especially if only washed on gentle cycle.

  4. Oooh, you are a really talented needle felter!! I am so enjoying looking at your projects!!