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17 November 2009

frosty the snowman...tra lal la la la la la... *trails off humming....*

Ah yes.
 it was a day for mittens, a day for stew, a perfect day for a snowman , or two... i swear i did not mean to rhyme, i am just that cheesy clever...that i actually think in rhyme sometimes. i know. im trying to stop...
so,  we started with our favorite snowman books...

and then we were off to build backyard snow friends of our own...
Pops helped the big one started.

1 raisin for "snowbaby"'s face...a raisin for milo's face:)

baby's mouth is made of goji berries, and it's little nose? straight outta the garden... can you believe we just dug these up 2 days ago! (when it was 75 and sunny..)  sweet rainbow of carrots.

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