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22 November 2009

Got some yummy new colors of dyed wool roving, and thrifted a few sweaters (felted in washer) to try my hand at some hats, mittens, slippers... really needing to get making on xmas presents here... Inspired by this book:
I cant really post much about gifts i am making, but i can post a few pics of things i've started for etsy... haha, hopefully i dont end up slacking and needing to give these, and the suprise is ruined..oh well, ill risk it..

This was actually my more stylish adaptation of a classic favorite, the  fanny pack.
I was putting it together for myself, so i could keep track of my new phone which i got 2 weeks ago. Well, guess what, not yet finshed with my snazzy hip purse, and i have already lost my phone.

Life is funny sometimes...not haha funny, i mean painfully WTF, are you serious?! funny .
Oh well, i acually do laugh about these things, because, i never cease to amaze myself... and, if i do not laugh, i will cry, hysterically.
ok, where was i? oh, so, this pouch is the perfect size to fit a blackberry( boo hoo hoo) and a wallet, and i think i will be adding a fabric pocket for a pen or change or something... It is made of 2 wool crocheted swatches, from just practicing, and i needle felted a flower on with some roving and yarn.

Felted sweater, needle felted roving and yarn...

I am going to be adding a bit more folksy  style needle felting to these...
i think they are major cute!

i added some details to my pretty little mama here, added a scarf to keep her head on:)

working on getting this lil fellas face right...

21 November 2009

Isn't she beautiful? I named her Grace. 
A spontaneous gift from my brother visiting from Kansas, who brought it on the plane with him for his weekend birthday visit.  My sister was in town here visiting from VT at the same time, and we have always enjoyed singing together.  

(photos courtesy of ketura rich)

Our family was kind of like a poorer, slightly more dysfunctional, less famous (we actually werent famous at all) version of the  Partridge family, but with more kids, if you can picture that...hmm.Ok actually bad comparison. Von Trapps? Jacksons? Anyways... 
  My mother is a very talented musician, and instilled a great love of music in all 8 of us. She also managed to foster some pretty decent singing voices and the even the ability to harmonize in those of us who care to try. 

Anyway, to finish my guitar story...i was asking my brother some questions about what i should look for in a cheap acoustic, as i've been wanting to learn to play for the kids for a while now, and just didnt have the confidence to know what to look for, and.... he offered i just keep this one...sweetest thing ever right?  I sure love my lil bro. And the rest of this crazy bunch for that matter.

18 November 2009

needlefelt doll, in the works...

Started sergee's holiday baby...shhh...dont tell.

We are very grateful and excited to be going to Vermont this holiday season as we always do, to spend time with our families whom we miss so much throughout the year. And, as always, suitcases will be tight, and expensive, so I want to give Sergei a very special present of course, but it must be small and light enough to carry there and back...(along with the boy, the carseat, stroller, diaper bag, 2 weeks of luggage and presents...) 

Anywho, i ordered this book,

Sweet Needle Felts:25 Projects to Wear Give and Hug By:Jenn Docherty, from the library. 

 I opened it up, and among all of the absolutely adorable creations, several of which made their way straight to my mental to-craft-for-christmas-gift list...there was a doll, "Miss Penelope Poppet" to be exact, she is larger than i usually see the wool roving needled dolls,and oh so darling! Upon seeing her, i knew what sergeis special christmas present would be. Of course far from following her directions, as i just dont ever seem to do so even near exactly, with any project (possibly why everything i make turns out a bit crooked, and a little strange) but hey, gotta put my twist on it. So, i have big plans for this doll and i hope he turns out how i picture he may, cuz in my mind, he's pretty darn sweet. PS..can you tell which parts have been my favorite to sculpt? hee hee.. (he has a fully formed bootie under those undies  you know:)

             (My Inspiration:"miss penelope poppet")

17 November 2009

frosty the snowman...tra lal la la la la la... *trails off humming....*

Ah yes.
 it was a day for mittens, a day for stew, a perfect day for a snowman , or two... i swear i did not mean to rhyme, i am just that cheesy clever...that i actually think in rhyme sometimes. i know. im trying to stop...
so,  we started with our favorite snowman books...

and then we were off to build backyard snow friends of our own...
Pops helped the big one started.

1 raisin for "snowbaby"'s face...a raisin for milo's face:)

baby's mouth is made of goji berries, and it's little nose? straight outta the garden... can you believe we just dug these up 2 days ago! (when it was 75 and sunny..)  sweet rainbow of carrots.

16 November 2009

Too wet to go out , too cold to play ball...

Do we sit in the house and do nothing at all? (but drive mama lyssa up the wall?) heck no!
Time to bust out the cornstarch/cornmeal (50/50 makes a perfect texture for indoor sand),  favorite  trucks, animals, cooking utensils, whatev... and a cookie sheet for each bored tot (to keep it somewhat contained)

and voila! At least an hr, killed.

Or..if they have hit the age where imagination has begun to take could be much, much longer...

Oh boy...another popular favorite activity around here involves putting on a favorite kids music album, kinda loud...  (pick of the month would be Sherri Lewis  sing-a-long)
Making a large circle of stepping stones (throw pillows) a top the sea of lava (living room floor)... walk around and around pillow to pillow, to the music..but dont fall in! 

 Variations include taking all pillows off couch and just jumping crazy to the music... or...both games simultaneously (couch pillows included in lava game of course)

15 November 2009

Kombucha Be Brewin'

I know, i know, she can be a bit intimidating...IF you are one to judge a book by it's cover...But let me tell you, this beautiful SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is one generation of a Kombucha family that has definetly aided in my good health and truly gives me a feeling of wellbeing each morning i drink it.

Kombucha General Information
Although commonly called the Kombucha Mushroom, Kombucha is not a mushroom. Kombucha is the cultured growth of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that form a mushroom shaped colony bound in cellulose matrix. Kombucha propagates or recreates another "culture" similar to itself during the fermentation process. When it ferments it produces alcohol, which is then converted into acetic acid (ie. vinegar).Vinegar has been used by humans for thousands of years. The Assyrians, Greeks and Romans thought it an important medicine in its own right.

Kombucha is used to support the healing of a wide variety of diseases and is used in many countries throughout the world. It is said that in Manchuria, the home of Kombucha, not one case of cancer has been detected where the people religiously drink the Kombucha tea. Kombucha contains Vitamins B and C as well as concentrated amounts of protein that is available for immediate use by the body. The naturally formed acid content of Kombucha helps to counter difficulties associated with aging and is thus used as a longevity elixir. Kombucha delivers positive influence on the entire body, rather than targeting specific body organs. It has strong antibiotic, antiseptic and detoxifying properties. It is a blood pH normalizer and assists the body in stabilizing metabolic processes.
Kombucha Uses & Scientific Evidence For
Kombucha Tea has been reported to benefit the following conditions such as arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, high blood pressure, stomach and intestinal problems, constipation, dysentery, all digestive disorders, gallbladder difficulties and gallstones, hemorrhoids, cavities (prevention), skin rashes, boils, hair loss, cancer, AIDS (helps to strengthen the immune system), allergies, tonsillitis, gout, rheumatism, respiratory problems, asthma, bronchitis, kidney and urinary stones, headaches, nervousness, insomnia, stress, low energy and fatigue, diabetes, glandular imbalances, weak eyes, and impotence.

(info taken from

(If anyone is interested in starting their own batch of kombucha just message me, i got babies ready to send/give away.  It is extremely easy and cheap to brew, and you can flavor it however you like too, with fresh fruit, ginger,etc...)