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14 October 2009

sergee's room update

comfortably imperfect.
i suppose that should be my motto.
i am a crooked seam sewing,  infinity to-do list writing, tangled hair sporting, mismatched sock wearing, always running a bit late, got 10 books and 9 projects going on but i cant necessarily tell you what they are kinda gal.

always have been,

always will be. 
but even amoungst the chaos that is my mind and sometimes my home...
i somehow get stuff done. 

and i'm not sure if all that makes sense to anyone but me, but you know what? doesn't matter.
heck, this blogs only got 3 followers anyways ;)
where i was going with this... 

I finished Sergei's  (recycled wool pants and cloth scraps) name banner! and it's extremely imperfect. ha. i ran out of the tan thread that made sense 1 letter into it all i had left was red so i said hey, why not? then serge decided instead of playing his last few minutes before bed in his room, he'd much rather watch/ help/ climb on me, sewing his "cool gigi mine"
Bold red thread and some crooked letters later...we wouldn't change it a bit.

(as a work in progress)

and... TA DA!

and the list goes on...

  create for S bedroom
bird mobile in progress
wall pockets in progress
name banner
rag rug in progress
fiber garlands 1 complete
pieces for felt board in progress

1 comment:

  1. That banner is some serious awesomeness!! As is his room - I love to see pics of his room and all of his great toys that must get so much love and imagination:)