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15 October 2009

paper mache and 2 year olds.

step 1: wait for the postman to come on wednesday with all of your junk mail and grocery store flyers...
DO NOT forget to yell "mailtime" in a sing songy voice (blues clues influence here, kids do this every day the mail drops through our slot)
tear up those flyers in a frenzy, whirling and screaming, into little tiny pieces and strips.. (think this was their favorite part)
i didn't get pictures but it looked something like this

step 2...thoroughly saran wrap your bowls,holding with masking tape on the inside...

mmm...floury-watery delicious....
Dip strips and smooth onto bowl.

For obvious reasons i did not attempt photographing while bowl making was in session.

Let dry overnight.
Gently toss 3 very messy toddlers into big soapy bath tub.

Now, let the painting begin!

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  1. dude i thought that i was crazy for letting logan paint. your crazy, crazy i tell you! i love the name banner. i think that your list is really long because you find all these cool things to do and you want to do them all at once. thats why i love you crazy lady. Andrea