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29 October 2009

mommy's little monster

soooo... sergee's costume is turning out pretty darn cute *ahem* i mean...


Considering i just kinda made it up as i went along... i think it's looking quite well.
-made simple pant pattern using another pair of his pants
-the eyes and teeth are just felt hot glued to a knit hat
-and the shirt is one of his thermals with jaggy fur and fleece strips sewn on...not done yet, but you get the idea.

i'd say there was def  a bit of "wild thing" inspiration...

i'd say he fits right in, wouldn't you?

And why i wonder, could good 'ol Social Distortion be through running my head...?
*sigh...* Mike Ness is soooooooooooo dreamy......
 (sorry, flashback)


   ...but luckily this monster will always transform back at request... 
                      "see? just sergee, kid"
             (please pay no mind to the blob of almond butter on his cheek)

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