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29 October 2009

mommy's little monster

soooo... sergee's costume is turning out pretty darn cute *ahem* i mean...


Considering i just kinda made it up as i went along... i think it's looking quite well.
-made simple pant pattern using another pair of his pants
-the eyes and teeth are just felt hot glued to a knit hat
-and the shirt is one of his thermals with jaggy fur and fleece strips sewn on...not done yet, but you get the idea.

i'd say there was def  a bit of "wild thing" inspiration...

i'd say he fits right in, wouldn't you?

And why i wonder, could good 'ol Social Distortion be through running my head...?
*sigh...* Mike Ness is soooooooooooo dreamy......
 (sorry, flashback)


   ...but luckily this monster will always transform back at request... 
                      "see? just sergee, kid"
             (please pay no mind to the blob of almond butter on his cheek)

my fall door mobile

though it seems out of season now, with over a foot of snow on the ground...
thought i'd share anyway..

Super easy to make, and i thought it turned out quite pretty.
Tied a few strands of yarn to a stick, had the kids collect some leaves for me...(obviously done last week)
And busted out the trusty hot glue gun.
Though appearently the storm has torn a few leaves from their spots...shouldnt take more than a min to fix.

15 October 2009

paper mache and 2 year olds.

step 1: wait for the postman to come on wednesday with all of your junk mail and grocery store flyers...
DO NOT forget to yell "mailtime" in a sing songy voice (blues clues influence here, kids do this every day the mail drops through our slot)
tear up those flyers in a frenzy, whirling and screaming, into little tiny pieces and strips.. (think this was their favorite part)
i didn't get pictures but it looked something like this

step 2...thoroughly saran wrap your bowls,holding with masking tape on the inside...

mmm...floury-watery delicious....
Dip strips and smooth onto bowl.

For obvious reasons i did not attempt photographing while bowl making was in session.

Let dry overnight.
Gently toss 3 very messy toddlers into big soapy bath tub.

Now, let the painting begin!

14 October 2009

sergee's room update

comfortably imperfect.
i suppose that should be my motto.
i am a crooked seam sewing,  infinity to-do list writing, tangled hair sporting, mismatched sock wearing, always running a bit late, got 10 books and 9 projects going on but i cant necessarily tell you what they are kinda gal.

always have been,

always will be. 
but even amoungst the chaos that is my mind and sometimes my home...
i somehow get stuff done. 

and i'm not sure if all that makes sense to anyone but me, but you know what? doesn't matter.
heck, this blogs only got 3 followers anyways ;)
where i was going with this... 

I finished Sergei's  (recycled wool pants and cloth scraps) name banner! and it's extremely imperfect. ha. i ran out of the tan thread that made sense 1 letter into it all i had left was red so i said hey, why not? then serge decided instead of playing his last few minutes before bed in his room, he'd much rather watch/ help/ climb on me, sewing his "cool gigi mine"
Bold red thread and some crooked letters later...we wouldn't change it a bit.

(as a work in progress)

and... TA DA!

and the list goes on...

  create for S bedroom
bird mobile in progress
wall pockets in progress
name banner
rag rug in progress
fiber garlands 1 complete
pieces for felt board in progress

03 October 2009

pine cone friends

pine cones + buttons + glue gun + a little felt = cutest (pretend) mice on planet earth

                                                           sergee calls them "squeaks"

(mama and baby mouse)

01 October 2009

needle felting

i got some felting needles and a bit of wool roving @  fancy tiger tonight. there is a little room there just packed with every color texture and type imaginable...i chose a few to begin with that really caught my eye, and some natural to try dyeing myself.

i'm trying it out now...
and i think i'm already a bit addicted.

making a little waldorfy type fairy doll for the kiddos...
i'm just wingin' it...but she's actually turning out kind of cute so far

and i've only stabbed myself 3 times!

sergee's curtain fabric has been chosen...

and i must say...i am a bit excited about it...
it is a michael miller fabric and i think it is just right.
though it's much nicer in real life ...
and i'm thinking a crocheted panel along the bottom would look pretty.