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28 September 2009

sergei's new room ideas....

Serge has been sleeping in his own room for the most part, since our big bedroom swich. (The exception to this was when i believe we had the SWINE FLU last week, and i forced him to sleep with me,because we really needed all the sleep we could get...
 of course i am in there a couple of times each night still (i am more than happy to be invited for a snuggle now and then)
so... i've really been working on cozifying his room, and what better to do so with than some mommymade goodnes, right?
so i have like a million  projects in the making... ok, maybe 6 or 7.

first, there is this birdie mobile that i've had my heart set on making for a while now...

I finally made the first little tweeter for it last night, and yes, she is a bit wonky and some may mistake her for a seal at first glance. but all this just adds to her handmade charm, right? ;) 
Also coming along slowly but for sure are...
- his rag rug (which is actually about 3 rows bigger than it was when this photo was taken...)though i've run out of his old baby blankets (ones that i could justify cutting up that is) and had to move into my old fleece and fabric stash.

- sleep banner(like the one on the cover of the book listed below) i am thinking sergei's should probably have lambs instead of birds, and read "cozy" since that is his fave word to describe his bed, animals, and general good feelings around bedtime) 
- several fiber garlands 
aka:old sweaters,etc... cut into 1 inch(ish) squares strung together with large needle and yarn (heres a video i took of tesla helping me with one) 
...2 ideas so graciously shared by the inspirational mama, Amanda Soule, in her newest book Handmade Home

Also in the works are curtains,and somekind of wall pocket organizer...
Oh, and i started a special friend for sergee to read with, put jammies on and to keep cozy company at night.
 (here's a sneak peak of him chillin' with o'malley...)

And last but not least...look at this adorable 6 ft stuffed animal tree i got at the thrift store! i have no idea what it's actually supposed to be, but im thinking it's probably pretty content with its new job. 

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