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03 September 2009

Inspired Bedroom Swapping Part 1: (includes excruciatingly shameful "before" pics!)

The Ugly Ducklings...

Sergei's re-did bedroom featured recently here, turned out much too chaotic and full of toys for the kids to focus on actually playing with them...
It is always messy, no matter how many times a day we sing the "clean up" song, even though it is rarely played in for long... a real mystery.
Well, Ive been doing some thinking and have decided that for sergei to feel the most comfortable or "cozy" as he calls it, moving into his own room, i think that a smaller more simple room is best.
i'm thinking sort of a Montessori inspired layout.. few toys out at a time (cycle them to keep their interest) everything accessible to him, his own dresser where he can pick his own clothes from.
Handmade surroundings.. which means his baby blanket rag rug may finally get finished...gosh, i'm a slacker!
(plus a couple of items i am quite excited about crafting from Soulemama's new book, Handmade Home.) Ooooooh, getting excited now, all these pictures in my head....

And our bedroom. It is tiny and cramped for a queen sized bed, and just never felt right. We've lived in this house for 6 months now, and i am really just completely disgusted with the state of this room. I mean come on..dresser on dresser?
These pictures really are quite embarrassing, but i'm thinking they will get me movin towards the big swap... yup, its happening.

p.s. i'm really not sure why there are a toothbrush and spatula on my bedroom floor, then again, who left the partially eaten banana on the bed...? eek.

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