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18 August 2009

You can bury a lot of troubles, diggin' in the dirt. ~Author Unknown

My first true gardening experience.
I've had a tomato plant here, some cucumbers there, but never done the complete, from seed, enrich the soil, actually atted to your plants kind of gardening. Suppose it just didnt fit in with the flamboyantly libertine lifestyle of my early twenties. Ai ai ai... i am. Dirty hands and lovin'it.

Roughly 2.5 months ago i'd say, i jumped head first into a 30 ft x 25 ft garden plot*
with my "everything bout organic gardening" book clutched to my chest, a set of pink handled, dollar bin garden tools in my belt, i dug in.
what an adventure it has been.

*took me well over a month and a pick up truck full of poop,to transform from the THICK, DEEP weedy mass it started as*



...wiley pumpkin plant...creep,creep, creepin' out of the plot...think it's headed for the kids' clubhouse...

a rainbow of chard

lovers amoungst the corn

a strand of grape tomatoes a bit reminiscent of Wilma Flintstones primitive jewelery

corn hairdo

and yes.
i am aware that my tomatoes are completely and utterly out of control.
it is all a learning experience, you see?


  1. Holy GARDEN!! It's looking AMAZING!!!

  2. ooohh! cant wait to do it all over again!