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20 August 2009

Learning to Crochet...Part 1

So, it's been a while since my terribly terrific friend Jess took me on as her student in the art of crochet.
Like... months and months. I believe it was last October in fact, that we hit upa fabulous yarn
sale, i bought meself a sweet little rainbow of
hooks,this here book to inspire me, and we had a lesson.

She was a great teacher and i believe i kinda sorta maybe had it...
then we decided to add a bottle of wine and the chit chat that usually goes along with that, to the lesson.

I'm pretty sure this is when i lost my flow.
At any rate, i'm back in the game now, and determined to succeed.

I badly want to crochet myself a bikini and the red cowgirl hat shown on this here cover (*said with southern drawl of course)

But for now i am practicing single crochet only, in an attempt to perfect my tension skills.
So... i may get a dishcloth out of it, if i'm lucky.

as the yarn patiently awaits it's destiny...

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