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16 July 2009

todays thrift store scores!

for sergei: this adorable organic cotton cardigan with tags still attatched in butterscotch /chocolate...mmmm
a pair of tartan plaid pants, and a very special pirate mouse shirt that matches the cardigan perfectly... all for $4.20 ( i rarely buy him clothes, now that i have my sewing machine, but today, i just coudnt resist)
others hot items found were...
-a large mason jar full of buttons
-some embroidery hoops (perfect size for the kids
-a bag full of those loopy things and a little loom to go along with them
-a large bag of magnets for the kids to explore (a couple real strong ones!)
-a curious george chalkboard/whiteboard suitcase
-also various kitchen goodies for mama koala (moi)
all for under $20 bucks. i know its dorky but i had to tell someone

1 comment:

  1. Dude. Thrift stores are the bomb!!! I wish ours wasn't so small and picked over!!! I can't wait to get to the states and check out some new ones. I'm all about goodwill and small local thrifts! Shoot, worn in clothes are the best.