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20 July 2009

our itty little pillow project

1.) i had the kids draw, with fabric markers, whatever they wanted on a piece of plain cotton fabric, just their size.

2. cut up one of sergei's super soft ol'baby blankets for the backing...

3. let the kids eack pick their color embrioidery floss(tesla picked pink of course, sergei decided on green)

4. sewed the 2 pieces together ( soft side to bright side, all but an inch which is left for stuffing it...
5.) turned it inside out, and let the kids push the stuffing piece by piece into the hole...

(Believe it or not, they were both so fascinated by my sewing the pieces together that they are still both sitting quietly @ the table)

6.) they were over it by step six, and would rather get down and dance to Sheri Lewis while mama finished up the remining bit of gaping pillows...

...and in the end, 45 min or so from start to finish-
we had 2, very little, very unique and wonderful, travel/doll/just snuggle pillows, that they could be proud of forever.

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