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18 April 2014

in the mud kitchen...

As mud season comes mostly to an end, I thought I'd share a favorite backyard spot of ours with everyone.

Sometimes, you are in the mood for mud pie and where better to cook it up? 
The Sunshine Mud Kitchen!
All pieces were alley scored or thrift scored and the whole getup cost about 30 bucks id say...
A repainted kitchen cart turned changing table...
An alley scored pegboard...
And the good ol neighborhood "junk" store provided all of the sweet knicky knack pans and such...
I have not yet met a child who doesn't love this dirty little kitchen <3

01 January 2014

some intentions for this new year.  Powered by a supermoon!

drink coffee/tea on the porch with the rising sun 

feed my family more probiotic fermented foods(john agreed too, finally!)

do a little more yoga here and there, because it gives me energy, changes my perspective, and makes me feel well.

spend more time outside with the children. In the woods and in the yard- expand the garden a bit

be even more honest with myself and others about what i need,  to be the happiest best mommy/ person that i can be.

13 October 2013

frolicking amoungst the roses...

This sunday morning, busy as ever...  but I am feeling a sudden urgency to write a quick something.  
 Some desperate feeling that if I don't do it now, I never will again, and this little online diary of sorts will fade forever into the blogosphere infinatum forever.  Days into weeks into months, the time is going faster now than ever before.  "like weeds" these once so tiny little people are growing...

 i am doing my best to live in the moment, hoping it will slow time down even just a bit (oxymoronic, i know)... 
writing little blurbs into notebooks and baby books when i think of it, trying to capture photos even if they stay on my cameras memory card for weeks before i get a chance to look at them. 

Somehow, Fiametta is half a year old already.  She is trying so hard to keep up with her brothers, pulling her short little body around the floor to follow them into their world of make believe and stunts. She is foodie like her mama ,she has a smile for everyone she meets, and I cannot imagine life without her.  

Serge has started 1st grade and seems to have morphed overnight to a tall thin boy drawing underwater scenes, reading and writing and learning to tell time and doing math on his fingers... Really taking pride in his role as big brother, he is so generous and patient and caring with the littlest ones. At times, Finch imitates everything his brother says and does, and instead of calling him a copy cat, Serge smiles a funny smile, rolls his eyes a little and says "he really likes to copy me."

Headstrong and quirky, these days our sweet Finch sleeps on the top bunk, has basically potty trained himself these last few months, and worked hard all summer to overcome a debilitating fear of bugs- has a lot to say these days and thank goodness, people are finally beginning to understand a bit more of it. He is on a mostly smoothie, kombucha, toast and raw milk diet these days (one of those phases toddlers go through)and could read the book green eggs and ham 50 times every day and not get sick of it.

   Summer went by so fast, and life has been bumpy and life has been       beautiful.

Lately it seems that every day is not only a a new challenge but a true gift.    
 Somehow all at the same time.  Time with young children, is so precious and fleeting, and can be overwhelmingly difficult and exhausting.  
In honor of Fiametta's half birthday and growth spurt, I have decided to start her little fashion blog. I have gotten so many adorable hand me downs, and scored some sweetness at the thrift store as well. It deserves to be documented! (because I have so much extra time on my hands, haha!
Really though I cannot bear to let clothes go without a bit of a record of her wearing them, she is my little doll, after all. So, enjoy these photos of a last summer hurrah, and stay tuned for Fiammi's fashion blog: Frocking Sweet (name credit to John)

12 May 2013

the first day of my life

(press play and scroll down)


Happy Mothers Day! 5 weeks ago today , I met my little girl.